Dreams & Visions

True stories and teachings that reach the heart

A Cleansed Heart

Years ago, I used to steal. I did it, really, for the following reasons. First, I did not have a perfect heart. Deep inside of me, I felt like people owed me. I felt like the world owed me.
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The Day the Penny Dropped

More than 25 years ago as I write these words, I had a dream. This dream was met with a supernatural sign, which I will describe later. It is evident that the Creator of the universe was t..
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73 Years of Wisdom

One day, I received a dream from the Creator of the universe. This dream was definitely from the Creator, as you will soon discover, because everything that I was shown came to pass.
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Preparing for Revival

This short book contains a dream I received. There are two distinct parts, and I will be covering each separately. The dream is about a place that is about to ignite. Where is this place?
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Operating in Genuine Spiritual Authority, Part 2

A famous preacher of the gospel once said the following about another famous preacher of the gospel: "Do you really think God would perfor..
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A Vision for Canada

One day, the Lord told me to take a step in a certain direction. It was just one step he told me to take. And then he said, "The Spirit of God is moving in that direction." I quickly ran t..
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The Destitute Woman

My wife said to me, "I had a dream about you crossing the road. A bus was coming, and you put out your hand so it would stop." I took the dream to be a warning from God, because we live on..
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Craziest (Prophetic) Day Ever

So you think you had a crazy day? My crazy day started in the morning, before I even woke up. I had a dream. I saw something like a roller coaster ride inside a tunnel, and there was dange..
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The Auto Mechanic

One day, I was driving from the west end of the city, to the east end. Suddenly, I felt the Lord say, "Stop. There is something you need to do." So I stopped my car on the road, and took o..
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The Revealer of Mysteries

Do you believe God is a God who reveals mysteries? On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, I had a dream. In the dream, I met a man named Sebastian in an intimate place. I knew this place was intimate..
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He Is Coming!

While attending a church home group on Sunday, June 5, 2016, I began to share with my friend Prince a true story. I said, "Around 10 years ago, when my son was about 12, I was having a pro..
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