True stories and teachings that reach the heart

Preparing for Revival

This short book contains a dream I received. There are two distinct parts, and I will be covering each separately. The dream is about a place that is about to ignite. Where is this place?
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Operating in Genuine Spiritual Authority, Part 2

A famous preacher of the gospel once said the following about another famous preacher of the gospel: "Do you really think God would perfor..
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The Counterfeit Universe

The message you are about to read is not the fictitious tale of two cities, as Charles Dickens wrote about. Instead, it is the very real story of two ancient universes, one a good universe..
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The Destitute Woman

My wife said to me, "I had a dream about you crossing the road. A bus was coming, and you put out your hand so it would stop." I took the dream to be a warning from God, because we live on..
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Craziest (Prophetic) Day Ever

So you think you had a crazy day? My crazy day started in the morning, before I even woke up. I had a dream. I saw something like a roller coaster ride inside a tunnel, and there was dange..
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Spiritual Report Card

Ever wonder how you are doing spiritually? On a certain Saturday, I got up, and changed my wife's tires, as it was time to switch the winter tires to summer tires. That took me about an ho..
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The Auto Mechanic

One day, I was driving from the west end of the city, to the east end. Suddenly, I felt the Lord say, "Stop. There is something you need to do." So I stopped my car on the road, and took o..
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The Revealer of Mysteries

Do you believe God is a God who reveals mysteries? On Tuesday, April 26, 2016, I had a dream. In the dream, I met a man named Sebastian in an intimate place. I knew this place was intimate..
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Dealing with the Big Bad Devil

I have a friend. One day, my friend mocked the devil (do not do this). He said something like this. He said, "Devil, I do not believe you even exist. You are not powerful! You could not ev..
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The Blood of Jesus Christ

I received a letter concerning "pleading the blood of Christ" and whether it was appropriate to do this. The person felt it was. To "plead the blood of Christ" (by saying, "I plead the blo..
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man praying

God of All Wonders!

If you are a technically-minded person like I am, chances are you are going to be very interested in this article. This article contains numbers that God gave me in a dream, and how these ..
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Pure Words

Around 1993, I was shoveling snow in my driveway. I became agitated, and used God's name in vain. I had rarely done that. In fact, I don't ever remember using God's name in vain prior to t..
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Why Does God Perform Miracles?

I would like to present you with some miracles that have occurred in my own life, and ask you whether or not you would personally categorize them as miracles. Perhaps you would, and perhap..
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Man Who Wanted to Become Muslim Scholar, Discovers Christ

I am new in faith. I am a Christian now. I live in Iraq. I am a Kurd. I used to be a Muslim and studied Islam and Arabic language for a lo..
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