My Open Letter to God’s People

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My Open Letter to God’s People

The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to the website, Revival Fire! at, which you will find very useful for the purposes of evangelism and teaching. This website has a twist, in that it specializes in introducing you not only to the God who has given us his word (the Bible), but the God who is willing to demonstrate his word through signs and wonders.

This is a very unusual website, indeed, in that it clearly presents the God of the supernatural, with real, factual, compelling, stories, that grip the heart and draw attention to this amazing supernatural, caring, God. He is not dead, but alive! He is not oblivious to our needs, but very much aware of them. He cares, and wants a personal relationship with you and others. Perhaps you already have a relationship with this supernatural God. That is wonderful. Now, take it a step further, and let others know. That is your responsibility, even as Jesus has commanded us,

“Go into all the world, and preach the Good News to the whole creation.” (See Mark 16:15)

I know how it feels to be burdened with “having” to reach people for Christ. Sometimes we feel like Moses,

“O Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before now, nor since you have spoken to your servant; for I am slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.” (See Exodus 4:10)

Yes, Moses really didn’t want to do what God told him to do. I’ve been there! You have been there, too. Moses was afraid of the words that would come out of his own mouth. He was afraid of fumbling. Fear started to take over. God responded,

“Who made man’s mouth? Or who makes one mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Isn’t it I, Yahweh? Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth, and teach you what you shall speak.” (See Exodus 4:11-12)

You see, it wasn’t that difficult, after all. Moses simply had to obey. We’ve all been called to obey, but not by speaking to Pharaoh! That part is done. The part that remains is telling everyone about the Good News. What is the Good News? It is the good news of Jesus, his coming, and all that entails, his authority, his love, and his glory. The “full gospel” is not just “repent and trust in Jesus,” but “here’s why” — God is glorious! God wants everyone to know about his glory, even as we read:

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of Yahweh’s glory, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)

What is God’s glory? God’s glory is more than knowing that Jesus died on the cross. It is more than saying, “Yes, Lord, I will obey.” It is more than being part of a church. It is more than reading your Bible and praying. It is more than giving to charities.

God’s glory is about knowing his intimacy, his profound love, and his goodness — things that are tangible. God is a very tangible God, and as we get to know him, he does things. He interacts with us, sometimes in miraculous ways. Has God interacted with you lately? Would you be surprised to know that he wants to? At, there is a section called “Amazing True Stories.” You can also get to this section by visiting (this simply goes to the “Amazing True Stories” tab on the website).

Either way, you can find Amazing True Stories that are suitable for non-Christians to read. These messages are very powerful and present the glory of God. Through this valuable website, you can obtain free tracts — small pamphlets that can be downloaded in PDF format, then printed on virtually any printer!

The PDF file for each tract is preformatted, so that when you print it on a standard letter-sized paper (both sides), then fold the paper in half three times, you obtain a really nice give-away tract. Convenient! These tracts will fit in a shirt or pant pocket! And if you are unable to print it double-sided, just print it on one side, flip over the paper, and print the second page on the other side. Easy, and cost-effective.

How Long is Each Tract?

Each article contains between 2000-3000 words (significantly less than this article). That’s neither too short nor too long, and provides “meat to chew on,” taking anywhere from 8-12 minutes to read.

Other Formatting Options

Each article is provided in three different formats.

(a) The first is on-line (where you can also change the language and have it translated by Google Translate). Read it on your smart phone, your tablet, or computer.

(b) The second is via a PDF e-book, which can be downloaded onto any smart phone, tablet, or computer. You can email PDFs to anyone you want, and print them into nice booklets using the “booklet” setting on your two-sided printer, if it supports that. It’s designed to be printed on regular letter-sized paper, producing a nicely readable roughly 10-15 page booklet (5.5 in x 8.5 in). Or simply print two sheets per page. It’ll fit perfectly.

(c) The third is as a “tract” (small give away pamphlet), printed on a single letter-sized paper, double-sided, as previously mentioned.

How Many Tracts are There?

To date, there are more than 30 articles posted (of which more than 10 are classified as Amazing True Stories). I started writing these in August of 2016 as a result of a need to have evangelistic tracts that I could give away, when I went to the store, or whatnot (I do not give tracts away for a living but have a day job). I wanted tracts that were on the more personal side of things — not just Scripture verses. Don’t get me wrong. I love Scripture and you will certainly find one or more Scripture verses in each tract that is written. Some have one or two verses, and others have many more! Read them all to find out which ones!

I wanted tracts that stated more than just the “rules” — I wanted tracts that really touched the heart and could reach deeply inside a person. What I really wanted was to introduce the loving, kind, generous, giving, restoring, character of Jesus in these tracts. These tracts, I think, do the job, and I feel very confident about that. All of these tracts are very different from one another. If you have read certain organization’s tracts, they tend to be “all the same”! Not so with these ones!

Will Non-Christians Really Read Them?

Every Amazing True Stories tract (as opposed to Teaching tracts that are also available on the same website), is, in my opinion, suitable to be given out to both Christian and non-Christian. There is no watering down of the truth, I can assure you. However, the material is presented in such a way that it can reach the heart. That is the main thing.

I have given these out to non-Christians who were ministered to through them, and who asked for more. What does this tell you? It tells me something. It tells me that there is a hunger. Many more testimonies are provided below.

Aren’t Tracts Dead?

Tracts are not dead. I’m actually very disturbed by certain comments I heard recently by one pastor that suggested that tracts were dead. Maybe that’s because that particular preacher is only used to seeing boring, lifeless, cold, impersonal, tracts. Yes, that’s probably the reason LOL. These tracts are non of those. These tracts are food for the soul. I gave a bunch of them to a woman who works at the Costco service counter who accepted about 5 different titles. I would never push 5 but rather am only interested in giving out one per person. But if they are enthusiastic, I will certainly let them take more.

The next time I met her (a few months later), she said she read the ones I had given to her, and wanted to read more. I pulled out another 5 or 6 titles and gave them to her. She said, “You should publish these.” I said, “You’re right!” Note, depending on their level of enthusiasm, I may also give them some from the Teachings section of the website.

Should I Give Them Out at Work?

We as Christians are responsible to present Jesus to the world. Yet I understand that it is sometimes not appropriate to give out tracts. This is particularly true in the workplace. I do not recommend giving them out in the workplace, as it could be used against you to terminate your job. On the other hand, if you wanted to reach out to a co-worker, I recommend getting their personal email address and —from your personal computer or smart phone (not on work time but after working hours)— you could send them a link to the website (which I recommend when reaching out to unbelievers, since that URL arrives directly at the Amazing True Stories part of the Revival Fire! website).

Do not give out any printed religious literature to anyone at work, otherwise it can be used against you. Any type of literature (if you felt inclined) should only be given when you are physically not on your work premises. Even giving literature out at lunch-time should be considered a no-no. That’s how you do it in order to leave yourself blameless in the sight of God and man. We are living in serious times so be careful around your workplace.

Who Should I Give them to?

There are plenty of situations in which you can easily give out a tract — to a person at the checkout counter, to a bank teller, to someone on the bus or subway, or to someone at a coffee shop. I regularly give them out to gas station attendants when buying gas.

I once offered a tract to a woman who was sitting on her porch. She took several “allegedly” for her husband, who she said was a Christian. I have a feeling the Lord was intending that she read them! Hopefully, she did! Allow the Spirit to lead you and guide you. He will!

I was at Costco at the checkout, and the man said to me, “Do you have another pamphlet for me?” He had read the last one I gave him a few weeks before that and wanted another. I also regularly give them out when getting my receipt “marked off” at Costco when leaving the store. You may know, there is a person there waiting to check your receipt against your purchase. “Hey, here’s something I’d like to give you to read in your spare time.” Perhaps 1 out of 10 will refuse me. Most gladly accept. Be kind. Be gentle. Be very loving.

I’m Afraid of Getting Rejected!

Only about 5% of the people I offer a tract to refuse me. So about 95 out of 100 people accept a tract from me. Out of those who reject, only about 1 out of 100 invoke “the law” — “Hey, you are not allowed to give those out here!” Do not be intimidated. I am usually like a puppy dog (really). I’m very very polite. If they refuse, I say, “OK. Have a wonderful day!” Or, “Nice to meet you!” Smile!

Realize that rejection is part of the job. People who invoke “the law” may do it because it is their job (e.g. they are a security guard). I don’t purposely avoid giving tracts away to security guards, but on the other hand, you may get more rejections from them (and they may potentially pursue you if they are aggressive), so decide what you want to do.

There are certain risks associated with the job. The worst that has ever happened to me is someone ripped up the tract while standing in front of me. That was about 20 years ago when I was less careful about who I gave them to! Still, you will be rejected for trying sometimes. Don’t sweat it.

Be loving. Be courteous. God is not forcing you to give tracts away at every second of the day. But it’s important to be ready at all times and to be “equipped” with something to give away — because that occasion will come, you can be sure of it. But if you’re not ready? Well, you will lose the opportunity — and the reward. I don’t give tracts away to get rewards. But like Paul said,

“Knowing therefore the fear of the Lord, we persuade men” (see 2 Corinthians 5:11).

No One Really Wants Tracts, Do They?

I once gave away three tracts just before getting off the bus. First, I gave one away, then a woman said, “Can I have one too?” So I gave her one. Then a man, who was looking at me give them out said, “Do you have one for me, too?” So I gladly gave him one, as well. People are hungry and even desperate for a good word! You are that shining light to bring the good news!

“How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!” (See Romans 10:15)

Upon disembarking the bus one day, the bus driver himself said to me, “I read that little pamphlet you gave me the other day. Thank you. It was great!” You see, bus drivers are human beings, too, and they also need an encouraging word. I weave the gospel into these tracts, along with encouraging words. I carefully lay out the gospel to make sure it is clear. I am very specific and point people to specific Scripture verses.

Irresistible Good News

These tracts are encouraging, uplifting, educational, and give God a very good name. We are to present God in an attractive manner. God is attractive! The truth, well presented, should be irresistible! Why settle for only “repent and trust in Jesus” when you can share the compelling, awe-inspiring, riveting, glory of God through tracts that display his incredible, supernatural, goodness? What are you going to say to Jesus when you leave this earth? I want you to be able to say to him, “I did my best!” You can do your best by giving away well thought-out tracts. They are vital.

If anyone says to you, or implies, that the printed word is not vital, then what about the Bible? It is printed! Why? Because vital information is transmitted through the printed word. God gave us the printed word for a reason. You can share in about 3 seconds what would take you 15 or 30 minutes to explain. Timing is everything. That man or woman may put it in their pocket, only to pull it out later, at the right time. Plus, someone else is likely to read that tract. I see this all the time.

Good News Travels

I gave a tract to a security guard (a man) sitting at his guard station just before lunch. I came back from lunch and another guard (a woman) had taken over and was reading the same tract! I saw her holding it right up in front of her. It was obvious!

I offered a tract to a Costco worker who was in the vegetable department. He replied, “I already read that!” I said, “You did? I did not give it to you!” He said, “You leave those lying around.” I said, “No I don’t. I only give them out to people.” PS: These tracts are designed to be given out one-on-one. Please do not leave them lying around!

He explained to me that he had found it at the gas bar. Then, I remembered, a few days earlier, I had given the same tract to a Costco worker when I was getting gas, and even noticed the Costco worker put it down in the little outdoor “hut” right beside the gas pump. Obviously, this man, another Costco worker, picked it up and read it. These tracts will be read by people you did not even give them to!

I saw a man on the subway and thought he looked familiar. I said to him, “Did I meet you perhaps three or four days ago on the subway, and give you a small little pamphlet, about this size?” He said, “I read the pamphlet, but you didn’t give it to me. You’re confusing me with my twin brother George. I’m Jack, he’s George. He read the pamphlet you gave to him that day, and brought it home, and then gave it to me, and then I read it.”[1] Amazing!

Give Me More Than One!

I offered some tracts to a hardware store worker. He said, “Can I have them all? I will give them out to my co-workers.” I said, “Sure!” I gave him about 7 tracts. I offered tracts to a man working in a large retail store. I said, “Do you like to read?” He said, “Yes, I do!” I pulled out about 10 different titles, and said, “Take one or take ‘em all. It’s up to you. There are a lot of good short stories here.” He said, “Man, that is very decent of you. I love reading things like this.” And he took them all. I noticed that he stacked them up nicely at his cash register, where likely his co-workers would see them and read them, as well. I was happy to oblige.

People, Young and Old, Ask for Them

I was taking an outdoor shower at an outdoor swimming pool. A young lifeguard (roughly 17 years old) whom I had never met came up and said to me, “Do you have something I can read?” I said, “Sure, I have about 5 or 6 different pamphlets in the pocket of my shorts.” I reached down to my bag, got them out, and gave them to him. As it so happened, his co-workers (other lifeguards) had asked him to ask me for more stories, because they wanted to read them, after I had already given them five or six in the previous months. They didn’t reject them, but wanted to read more! Good news travels fast. People love reading these stories!

Have you ever heard of teenagers wanting to read more about Jesus? All these tracts are about Jesus. Why do they want to read them? Because they introduce the God of the supernatural, who lives today and desires to have a relationship with his creation. You will be amazed at what you read, when you start reading them. I said to one pool attendant, months later at a different pool as I was about to go for a swim, “I have something for you to read. If you have read anything as amazing as this in the previous month, I will give you five dollars.” She said, “OK. See me when you get out.” I did. She said, “You got me there.” I easily saved my five dollars, so I could print more tracts and share the good news! Be creative. Share in such a way that makes people want to read them. Once they read them, some will ask for more! You see? Tracts are very powerful! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise!

Tracts have the power to encourage and bring real hope. A man was sitting on a sidewalk begging. He was probably in his 40s. I saw him there every day as I got out of the subway to go to work. He initially refused a tract. One day, I bought a cup of coffee for him or his friend. Then, he accepted a tract. I saw him later, still begging at that exact same spot, and when I passed by, he said to me, “Can you give me another one of those pamphlets?” I will never forget his next line: “A man has got to have something to read.” The world may be full of religion, but these stories are full of God’s glory, and people love them. They are hungry!

Have a Heart

Have mercy and compassion, and start taking advantage of this free resource today. Please read all tracts prior giving them out, so you known exactly what is in them. God may want you to give a certain tract to a certain person. You can only do that if you know what’s in them. Once you get used to them, you will understand the potential behind each title. These are not usual tracts, they are filled with power!

Pray before giving them out. And if you’re not sure which one to give out, try holding several in your hand and let them choose. I do this quite a bit! A few times, I have said (basically laughing with them), “Look, you are choosing it. If you choose the wrong one, it’s not my fault!” Everyone gets a good kick out of that. And yes, I tell them boldly, “These stories are incredible.” You’ve got to do the same, too. Do not present your God as boring! He’s not. These tracts are anything but boring.

How Many More Will You Be Writing?

Since I began writing them in August of 2016, I have written just over 1 per month. I have at least 30 on the go, and without question expect to be publishing at least this many in the months to come. I have no shortage of material. Since tracts can take 8 to 15 hours to produce, and time is limited, I can only produce so many in a period of time.

How Can I Help?

Is God leading you to help translate? Ask him! It’s a big job, but imagine the joy and the glory waiting for you in heaven when people say, “I got touched by that message! Thank-you so much for translating it!” So, if you are feeling led, do not ignore what God is telling you to do. Contact me through the website, and I will get back in touch with you.

These tracts will certainly mean life or death to a huge number of people. Heaven is waiting for these tracts to be distributed to millions. Google Translate is not a great translator, just a starting point! I love every other form of evangelism that is loving and godly, and support them all. This is just one more means to reach people. It is vital. Why? This particular form of evangelism introduces the supernatural God that people are looking for.

Some even in the church have painted a very “non-supernatural” picture of this amazingly supernatural God, and I’m sure he wants this aspect cleared up quite quickly! Will you help? As millions flock to the New Age Movement because they are deeply fascinated with the supernatural, it’s time that people of God step forward and proclaim our supernatural God. If you are not sure if God is supernatural or not, just click on and start reading! All these stories are 100% true. They all happened in this day and age in which we are living. And, besides, I have many more that are yet to be published.

The hour is almost here. The world is waiting with baited breath. Will someone please stand up and present the real God of the supernatural? The world is looking for a real message of hope, that will carry them through, not only in this life, but the next!

You will find that hope at

Let the revival begin.

Photo credit: Visual Content on VisualHunt / CC BY

[1] From “The Call to Evangelize” at


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*The printable tract is provided as a PDF document that you can easily print on any letter-sized paper. Print the page (on both sides). If your printer cannot print both sides, simply print on one side, then feed the paper back in, and print on the other. Then, simply fold the page three times in half. This tract is small (2.75″ x 4.25″ — a bit larger than a business card) and convenient for responsible free distribution.